mp3DirectCut main interface showing an audio file to be auto cropped

Automatically trim silence of mp3 files using mp3DirectCut

mp3DirectCut main interface showing an audio file to be auto cropped

Are you bothered by your mp3 audio files having silence at the beginning and end? Do you want to permanently remove them while preserving the audio quality? You can do so by using a free and (very) lightweight software called mp3DirectCut.

Download mp3DirectCut from its official website. If you have trouble installing the software, try right-clicking the installer file and choosing “Run as administrator”.

Single file processing

1. Open an mp3 file. Use CTRL + O or click File > Open…

Main interface of mp3DirectCut showing a file opened.

2. Select the entire audio. Use CTRL + A or click Edit > Select all. Audio is highlighted when the background color changes from blue to cyan, as shown in the figure below.

mp3DirectCut main interface showing an audio file entirely highlighted

OPTIONAL: Go to the end of the track to check the audio length/duration. Press the End button or click Go to track.

mp3DirectCut main interface showing the end of an audio file

3. Automatically remove the silence. Click Special > Auto crop. If silence at the beginning or end of the file was successfully removed, the audio length is decreased.

mp3DirectCut main interface showing an audio file to be auto cropped

4. Save the audio. Click File > Save complete audio…

mp3DirectCut main interface showing a cropped audio file about to be saved

5. Overwrite the original file or save it as a new file. Click Save.

Saving an audio file in mp3DirectCut

Batch processing

To process multiple mp3 files, do the following steps:

1. Open the batch processing window. Use CTRL + B or click File > Batch processing…

Selecting batch processing in mp3DirectCut main interface

2. Locate the directory containing the audio files to be processed. Tick the checkbox Auto crop. In this example, we choose to overwrite the audio files. Leave other settings as is. Click Start to begin processing.

mp3DirectCut batch processing window settings

OPTIONAL: As an extra, you can also set to amplify the audio to the loudest possible level without clipping. Simply tick the Normalize checkbox and leave its default level setting (as 0.0).

3. When prompted if you want to overwrite originals, click OK.

mp3DirectCut batch processing window prompting overwrite
mp3DirectCut batch processing window showing progress
Batch processing progress

4. Click Close once batch processing is done.

mp3DirectCut batch processing window about to be closedprogress

Final thoughts

mp3DirectCut is a very lightweight software (303 KB as of time of writing) that allows you to automatically trim the silence at both the beginning and end of your mp3 files. You can even set the silence threshold to fit your needs. Additionally, it is feature-packed which includes batch processing for multiple audio files, and audio normalization to amplify the audio as much as possible without clipping. But perhaps what makes mp3DirectCut so unique is that no re-encoding of the mp3 takes place during processing, a feature lacking in many other audio editors. Your mp3 audio files do not degrade in quality after processing.

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