Image of a rice plant in a field. Image from Pixabay.

Pakhuy is restless. “Not again!”, she muttered to herself. She is beyond frustrated and now on the verge of tears.

“What is the matter, dear?” her mother Fin-i gently inquired.

Pakhuy, now on the verge of tears was beyond frustrated. “Mother, the farmer took the rice grains for milling today”, she cried. Continue reading “Pakhuy”


“The Bag Who Found a Country in the Middle of the Sea”

Image of a garbage plastic bag, from Pixabay

Year 2018, in a huge mountain dumpsite in the big metropolitan city, a plastic bag was just waking up. Her name was Sanda. She had a very bright red color with white vertical stripes that made her look very attractive and different from other plastic bags. She stands out in the dumpster. Continue reading “The Bag Who Found a Country in the Middle of the Sea”


“Panghimuko (Nail Clipper)”

Image of a nail clipper, from Pixabay

Dekada otsenta nang ipanganak sa simpleng Baryo ng Madagem si Makneg. Siya ang pang-siyam sa labing-isang magkakapatid. Halos taon-taon noon kung magluwal ang kanilang nanang kung kaya’t naglalaro sa isa hanggang dalawa’t kalahating taon lamang ang pagitan nilang magkakapatid. Continue reading “Panghimuko (Nail Clipper)”