Image of a man and woman kissing.

Cradle my heart with yours
And I’ll embrace your soul with mine;
Together, let’s vanquish
The pervading darkness that surrounds.
I’ll be your raging rock band
And you’ll be my cheering squad;
I’ll be your blazing bonfire
And you’ll be my resounding chant;
Be the light in my eyes
And I’ll be the dimple in your smile;
Tender hand in tiny hand,
‘Tis our once-in-a-lifetime chance.



Here I go again, about to make a choice;
Though, it won’t ever mean I’ll leave you;
I simply need to go.

When opportunities
Knock on your door
And you’re just too confused
To forge a choice–
And I don’t desire
To leave you,
Hanging and staggering
With woe;
Yet, darling,
I’m on that swinging precipice,
About to hold back
Or about to fall;
Though, I can’t remain
Standing and static, like this;
It’s either-or again
And not neither-nor
Or even both;
I need to go
Despite the tears,
Swirling down
The blood-splattered floor.