“Legacies Of Nightmares”

Love can be such a glorious experience, right?
You fall in love and you glean a swarm of pleasures
That mayn’t be possible, had it not been for love–
Or the imitation of it, like infatuation and such. Continue reading “Legacies Of Nightmares”


“The Search”

Photo of two children

Nothing can ever be fair
And yet, we know that it isn’t there–
The thing that we keep searching for
Isn’t that which we live for.
For, what is it that sustains our breath
If not this very air?
Or the vast skies above us
And the ocean before our eyes?
We go far and wide believing
That we’ll find the one we need;
Although, if we’ll just stop a bit,
We’ll realize that all we’re doing
Is to dance in circles,
Every time–every meet;
Because the thing, we really seek,
Has always been here beside us,
Even now, as we attempt to speak.