“Because You’re You”

I love you. Your face is irrelevant. I love you because you’re you.
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you know why i don’t really care
about how you look?
too many beautiful people broke
my heart before.
what they had, outside of them,
was the opposite of
what was inside of them;
and honestly,
i already know how you look;
but what attracted me, to you,
is your overall personality.
as you showed me:
how patient you were with me;
how intelligent you are;
how hard you could make me laugh;
how attentive you are when i speak.
those qualities,
they make you so endearing to me;
and, the fact that when you aren’t with me,
i find myself missing you. a lot.
so now,
i don’t care about
how physically attractive you are.
you have seduced me by being you;
and now,
i already love you.
whatever face you have.