“Paggunita sa Nakakubling Dalamhati”

Close up of a lit candle against a black background. Image from Pixabay.

May isang kaibigang biglang nangumusta
Sa Messenger nagparamdam at nagpakita
Dahil sa lockdown may panahon na siya
Mangumusta maging ng taong pumanaw na Continue reading “Paggunita sa Nakakubling Dalamhati”



Three sunflowers against a blue background.

And, of course,
Those memories bring you back,
Even when it’s you, I cannot have;
For love shall always linger
And the heart doesn’t really forget,
Even when it insists that it does–
Or that it already did.
And I’ll smile along and remember,
The carefree yesteryears of laughter,
When everything was okay;
You and I, hand-in-hand, together,
As if nothing could break us apart.
And I’ll have you etched in my heart,
Today, tomorrow, and forever,
‘Til those memories fly away;
Shatter in the dark.


“Memories Of The Countryside”

Rice paddy field with coconut trees in the background. Image from Pixabay.

Moon bids farewell
Hid herself among the clouds
Cicadas chirped in the narra tree
Lullabies of sound slumber
Soft breeze rustle the rono grass
In a distance, a fading barking of dogs Continue reading “Memories Of The Countryside”