Justice doesn’t mean
Wearing a blindfold
Over one’s eyes;
Because, fairness
Necessitates scrutinizing
Every known
And hidden crevice–
Creating decisions based
On what actually occurs
To all those involved,
Even to the ones
One does not like;
For, what happens, then,
When the assigned jurist
Opts to be purblind?
Then, he cannot perceive
The abject situation,
Gaping back at him,
To be acknowledged
And understood.
Real justice
Shouldn’t be blind.



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cometh to thy birthright.
release thy fears of ancient slight.
thy land needeth thy hands;
as it maketh the climb of infrequent chance.

foregoeth the fervent whispering that dawns,
from thy cluster of fiendish demons.
for, whenst thee discover thine own strength;
thine enemies, within, shall vanish.

thy fatherland has not yet mended.
it needeth lads akin to thee,
to banish lingering sorrows, foes, and doubts;
and, thee must shareth the bonds.

enjoin the gatherings beginning,
within the edges of thy crying land.
condone the fight for lasting freedom,
from all atrocities and odious fiends.