“The Whistling Kettle”

Image of a copper kettle

Once there was a kettle in a large department store in a city. He was well sculpted and his body was so shiny he can pass as a mirror. His spout was perfect curve with a small opening at the end. His handle was sturdy and he could carry a good amount of water. He does not have a whistle but he has been bragging that he can shout as much as the whistling kettles do, once he is put to use. His name is Whiffle. Continue reading “The Whistling Kettle”


“The Bamboo Hammock”

Once there was a family of bamboo near a rice field. It grew between the big boulders that adorn the nearby creek. The bamboo has a lot of baby shoots and one of them was Bayog. Continue reading “The Bamboo Hammock”