Image of a rice plant in a field. Image from Pixabay.

Pakhuy is restless. “Not again!”, she muttered to herself. She is beyond frustrated and now on the verge of tears.

“What is the matter, dear?” her mother Fin-i gently inquired.

Pakhuy, now on the verge of tears was beyond frustrated. “Mother, the farmer took the rice grains for milling today”, she cried. Continue reading “Pakhuy”


“The Bag Who Found a Country in the Middle of the Sea”

Image of a garbage plastic bag, from Pixabay

Year 2018, in a huge mountain dumpsite in the big metropolitan city, a plastic bag was just waking up. Her name was Sanda. She had a very bright red color with white vertical stripes that made her look very attractive and different from other plastic bags. She stands out in the dumpster. Continue reading “The Bag Who Found a Country in the Middle of the Sea”


“The Whistling Kettle”

Image of a copper kettle

Once there was a kettle in a large department store in a city. He was well sculpted and his body was so shiny he can pass as a mirror. His spout was perfect curve with a small opening at the end. His handle was sturdy and he could carry a good amount of water. He does not have a whistle but he has been bragging that he can shout as much as the whistling kettles do, once he is put to use. His name is Whiffle. Continue reading “The Whistling Kettle”