“Paggunita sa Nakakubling Dalamhati”

Close up of a lit candle against a black background. Image from Pixabay.

May isang kaibigang biglang nangumusta
Sa Messenger nagparamdam at nagpakita
Dahil sa lockdown may panahon na siya
Mangumusta maging ng taong pumanaw na Continue reading “Paggunita sa Nakakubling Dalamhati”



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grief doesn’t always involve tears.
it can be a haunting silence
that pervades the very air.
it can also be the extra octave,
subtly present in boisterous laughter.
it can also be the slow languid walk,
masked as a gentle glide.
sadness, loneliness, melancholy:
whatever term we call it,
can be anywhere–
faking itself as its opposite.
the sole evidence, of its presence,
are the extra things we don’t perceive.



“A Happy Tune”

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intone, in me, some happy tune;
add a little song to the spoon.
the glistening wounds of despair;
deepens, festers–a heavy fare.

a crow starts its ghastly call.
the bewildered mind shall fall.
no deafening thunder to be heard.
nothing’s lifted. the candle’s burned.

death draws near. the soul is seared.
memories of laughter. moments gather.

not a soul shall weep or leave.
only a tiny bird shall grieve.
i go a-waste, in tuneless grace.
i leave your presence, a forgotten face.