Confession 6: “Introducing Myself”

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Dear Diwa,
Here is a short essay on me.

Me? Umm I am an immature soul with a heart large enough to accommodate all those people who have made me smile in this long run of life. People say I am very childish. Yes, I am. Also one thing they have always told me “Speakkk louddlyy” . I am silent in the midst of a lot of people and I talk softly, hence 99% of everyone has a problem on hearing my voice. When I get angry, I try to release my heat off my heart, so sometimes people have been hurted by my words. I am grateful for the ones who have loved me, valued my words, made me feel special. I like loyalties, friends and relationships. I like dreaming, because I feel it is a place where you can feel everything you want to feel, go everywhere you want to go and meet all the people you want to meet. And you know, I love writing, getting all the emotions off my heart, also I am a great lover of Java, “The programming language”.

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“To The Girl, He Loves, Next”

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“To The Girl, He Loves, Next”

When he says he loves you–please, let him know that you, also, do. Tell him–tell him, everyday. Shower him, with sweetness. If you could; then, cook for him. Buy him little gifts, to make him smile. Praise him. Encourage him. When he feels down and discouraged, pull him up. Let him know how special he is. Point out his beautiful character–his kindness, his gorgeous eyes, his intelligence. Tell him that you believe, in him–and, that you are proud, of who he is. Make him happy. When he disregards you, be patient with him. He gets preoccupied with life, as well. Above all, be there for him. Fight for your love, too. Because, he isn’t perfect. And, life–for you, both–will, surely, be tested. But, please–love him. Sometimes, he forgets to love himself, as well. Because, I cannot do these things, anymore. You are his present. I am, merely, his past. Love him, for me, too.