“The Proposal”

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🚹 “hey, will you marry me…?” 😍

🚺 “…uh, why???” 😮

🚹 “jeez, dude, you were supposed to say yes! why ask why? forget my question!” 😢

🚺 “heyyyy… dude, sorry. come on, ask me again!” 😧

🚹 “never mind. not in the mood anymore.” 😤

🚺 “dudddeee…” 😩

🚹 “alright, alright!!!” 😑



“Pressure Me More!”

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🚺 “You know, I should pressure you.” 😈

🚹 “Oh, why?” 😐

🚺 “Baby, I should pressure you–not you, pressuring me, all the time.” 😛

🚹 “Haha. Okay, Baby. Do it, then.” 😁

🚺 “Okay. I want to get married, this year. You need to plan it, to the last detail, Baby. No complaints. Do it, starting now. All your decisions should be in line, with that end.” 😐

🚹 “But, Baby–” 😐

🚺 “No ‘buts’ please. Babe, I’m the one nagging. So, do so, okay?” 😣

🚹 “But, that isn’t pressuring, Baby. That’s already something I plan. Pressure me more!” 😛

🚺 “Argh! That’s not how it works, Babe! You need to disagree, first; so I can nag!” 😂