Way Back

Silhouette of a man.

Way back when I was capable of love,
When grasses seemed evergreen
And naught looked dangerous nor bad;
Way back back when I was whole
And laughter was what adorned my soul.
Way back when we were free
To swim through the raucous waves,
To ride through the busy highways,
To sing the soothing songs of auld,
To live life to the fullest,
To run through the fields of gold.
Way back when you were still you;
Way back when I was still me.


“Like That Story”

Empty coffee cup with old books and a lighter on a wooden desk.

I still don’t fully understand you
and I’m being pressured to actually do.
So either you let me in already
Or, please, just leave me in peace.
It’s evil to keep annoying me
with those delicious-looking bits of you
when I can’t even taste you.
Here I am, attempting to reach you,
but you laugh and lurk further away
from my pitiful, grasping hands.