How does one pursue a heart
That’s hellbent on being alone?

In instances similar to this,
When my heart gets enshrouded
With the throbbing memories
Of acheful, forgotten dreams
And shattered, bleeding yesteryears,
You pull me towards your body
And embrace me, fiercely,
With your arms–
Demanding me to let go;
Begging me to share with you
The heavy burden of my world–
I fight the urge to laugh and to cry;
Because, darling,
How can you even convince
My cynical soul to open up again,
When all it contains, nowadays,
Are the convoluted dregs
Of distrust, fear, and pain?


“Come Home”

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i’m drowning in rainbows,
drifting in the clouds, missing you.
left to a world of fading meadows,
rattling rivers, and rotting claws.

dreaming of laughter and you;
riding the shadows of innocence;
making blueprints of trees;
wishing for the essential you.

lost and floating, faint and waiting;
holding on to your words, grieving.
wasting and biding time;
saving stories and making friends.

all my memories are kept hidden–
refusing to believe that you’ve forgotten.
the monsoon rains have come.
you’re coming home. come home.