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Developer: Playrix
Compatibility: Android and iOS

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5 Out of 10 Stars

For avid players of Gardenscapes and Homescapes, Playrix introduces another game for you. Released on 12 August 2019, Wildscapes has immediately shot up to a rating of 4.5 stars at PlayStore as it garners more than a million downloads to its name.

Match-3 Game

While being more of the same Match-3 style as its predecessors, Wildscapes amps the game as it introduces the endearing presence of zoo animals into the screen. A treat for children and adults alike, the new app features the ability to unlock each animal as players beat levels and earn much-needed stars.

Photo Credits: Playrix

Offline Playtime

Similar to Homescapes and Gardenscapes, the recent addition to Playrix’s roster of playables can also be accessed without consistent data connection. Except for its initial download and its varied updates, there’s no need to whinge for internet hotspots in order to unlock sections of the Wildscapes zoo on your phone.

Photo Credits: Playrix

Free Via PlayStore And App Store

Also, the newly launched app is easily downloadable, free of charge. Nevertheless, you may opt to purchase in-game boosts to speed up levels and gather coins necessary for continuous gaming. Although, you may also elect to wait for more hearts (lives) in order to finish a stage.

Photo Credits: Playrix


Not only are you able to buy animals, though. Wildscapes enables you to purchase additional ornaments that may further beautify your zoo. These non-essentials also have corresponding values that add stars which, of course, mean opening more parts of the game.

Photo Credits: Playrix


In terms of difficulty, Wildscapes fails to disappoint. While Playrix alters the story, the look, and the items used in Wildscapes, the same laborious gameplay is utilized. Not really a surprise, is it?

Photo Credits: Playrix

User Control

Sans modifying the fact that gamers may use their names to personalize their accounts, the familiar mien of Playrix’s resident butler has been discarded. Using a generic “zoo visitor” to act as guide, players are now given control as to where decorations may be placed within the area.

Photo Credits: Playrix


While the tough gameplay may be equally annoying as its precursors, the offline playability of Wildscapes may still be a huge come-on. The user-friendly interface gives it the same potential to being another addictive app. Hence, it becomes a convenient pastime whenever the urge to escape real, woeful life arises.

Photo Credits: Playrix
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