Image of The Kinship of Secrets by Eugenia Kim

“The Kinship Of Secrets”

Image of The Kinship of Secrets by Eugenia Kim

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Author: Eugenia Kim
Copyright 2018

The novel speaks about two sisters who grew up, separately. Inja is left in South Korea while Miran accompanies their parents on a trip to the United States. It was meant to be a temporary situation whilst the Cho family sought better financial opportunities abroad. However, the Korean War broke out which, in turn, resulted into longer years of separation.

The story basically revolves around the struggles of Inja and Miran as they come to grips with growing up whilst being caught up in two different cultures–one is in America while the other is in South Korea–as their elders tell them that they’d soon be together again.

Why You Should Read It

Anyone who is a fan of historical narratives packed with cultural citations and familial responsibilities would definitely love Kim’s latest novel. Author of The Calligrapher’s Daughter, Eugenia Kim offers a new family-centered tale that is filled to brimming with coming-of-age heroisms as well as with the prevalent problems that affect immigrants worldwide. It also lends a better understanding of Korea, its people, and how the country got divided into two separate sovereign states.

Why You Shouldn’t Read It

The book isn’t recommended for those who seek action-filled pages as it doesn’t delve deep into the political and social skirmishes of the infamous bloodshed, also referred to as “The Forgotten War,” that split Korea into two. It focuses on the drama that unfolds whilst a family gets torn apart by conflict, distance, and crucial decision-making.

Overall Verdict

The Kinship Of Secrets is a must-have. Well-written and well-limned, the novel gives off the flavors of hope, love, and forgiveness–apt qualities that perpetuate solidarity within families all over the world.

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