Front cover of The Good Sister by Gillian McAllister

“The Good Sister”

Front cover of The Good Sister by Gillian McAllister
Author: Gillian McAllister
Copyright Β© 2019

KD Rating:

7 Out of 10 Stars

A thriller that parses the story of two sisters whose stalwart trust in each other gets severely tested, this book is a thought-provoking read. Not unlike true crime books and tales that are centered on family relations and dynamics, Gillian McAllister’s novel is recommended for those who enjoy the complex drama that takes place not only in the courtroom but also amongst the characters involved in a gruesome case.

A Nannying Job Gone Wrong

The riveting tale speaks of Martha, a new mother who asks her younger sibling, Becky, to be an ad hoc nanny to her eight-week-old baby. Not long before Martha is about to come home, she gets a call that announces the harrowing death of her child. Hence, the narrative plods on as both siblings get sucked into the nitty-gritty battle of prosecution and defense as a continuous parade of credible witnesses unravel the interstices of baby Laila’s tragic demise.

Trust Versus Guilt

Torn between her unflagging belief in her sister and her guilt-ridden love for her daughter, Martha attempts to remain in the middle–permitting the due process of law to limn each presented evidence in order for closure and justice to finally prevail.

Why You Should Read It

Filled with a roster of witnesses who are called to present their answers to the varied questions of the lawyers, the book enables readers to appreciate the varied intricacies of human connections. Utilizing a fast-to-middling-paced account of each character’s perspective, Becky, the crime’s prime suspect is adequately delineated as a mother, a sister, a friend, a wife, and a woman.

Akin to the popular–or not so popular–opinion that each person has many layers and roles in life, McAllister depthly displays the myriad facets of the suspect in question. Thus, audience can easily relate to the fact that anyone, even someone who’s conceived as a criminal, has also pre-existing raisons d’Γͺtre that make up who they are.

Also, the novel stresses on the importance of consistent love and support within a family as each member undergoes trials that may differ from those of another member.

Why You Shouldn’t Read It

Obviously, the book isn’t recommended for those who aren’t fans of courtroom-based dramas. The tale doesn’t have any comedic relief as it mainly discusses grievous details of a nannying job that ended up in tragedy.

Overall Verdict

I’m always on the lookout for novels that allow me to explore the psychological make-up of each character involved. Since the book is a composite concoction of emotions and the fact that these feelings are interrelated in the larger scale of things, I certainly encourage readers to purchase a copy of Gillian McAllister’s “The Good Sister”. As it happens, painful endings do not always stay that way. For every bloody wound that renders acheful experience, healing almost always follows, anyway.

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