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Image of Homescapes gameplay tile matching
Photo Credits: Playrix

Developer: Playrix
Compatibility: Android and iOS

KD Rating:

6 Out of 10 Stars

One of the most played games today, Homescapes is similar to its predecessor, Gardenscapes. Albeit, rather than designing a picturesque garden, Homescapes ups the racket by incorporating interior design–fixing each section of the family mansion.

The online favorite starts off with Playrix’s famous butler, Austin, as he decides to renovate his childhood home. Thus, in order to commence the project, a match game enables players to collect stars which, in turn, gets spent for each part of the house overhaul.

Photo Credits: Playrix

Matching Pieces

As with other match games online, devs give you varied rewards that help speed up levels. Since you can only play a level by using up alloted Hearts, there’s that need to carefully plan your moves in order to attain levels and earn precious stars.

Photo Credits: Playrix

Daily Gifts

To save up on more speed-ups and such, a daily bonus is granted. Hence, it helps to log into the game each day.

Photo Credits: Playrix

Online And Offline

The great thing about the game is the fact that, once installed, players are able to continue the game sans internet connection. However, to enter current contests and acquire daily bonuses, a working data connection is required.

Photo Credits: Playrix

Help Requests

Fortunately, Homescapes makes the game user-friendly by giving its players a chance to send Help Requests via a button at the lower left side of the screen.

You can opt to join a group and ask fellow players to send lives or even connect your Homescapes Account to your Facebook Handle in order to send Help Requests and Gifts, as well.

Photo Credits: Playrix


While the online game can be freely downloaded via PlayStore or App Store, levels up can be expedited by buying in-game items as well. Not really a recommended maneuver, though, because with unrelenting patience, levels can actually be achieved, sooner or later.

Photo Credits: Playrix

The Waiting Game

In gets pretty frustrating when levels need to be done repeatedly in order to accomplish a coveted star. The irksome need to wait for 30 minutes in order to gain another life may be a bit daunting for most.

As it happens, the famous app requisites more “waiting time” than “playing time”. Thus, you may find yourself grumbling about it, most instances. As for me, a lot of the levels take me days to accomplish, doing the same level again and again, only to come up short with a move or two.

Photo Credits: Playrix

Interesting Storyline

In as much as the waiting time gets dauntingly annoying, the storyline allows a chuckle or two as you get into the varied quirks and habits of Homescapes’ resident butler.

Get to discover his world as much of the missions involve the aid of his parents and friends. Tap through his newsfeed and you also get to read his posts that go along with your current stage in the game.

Photo Credits: Playrix

Challenging Gameplay

Nonetheless, the game can become addictive especially when you reach higher levels. Seeing the beauteous metamorphosis of Austin’s dilapidated house into a tiny wonderland can be a satisfying pastime. At best, it can be a mindless way of escaping the harsh realities of offline life.

Photo Credits: Playrix

It’s worth a try, I think. Besides, you get to name Austin’s cat as well as have Austin speak to you a lot of the time! Now, isn’t that kind of sweet?

Photo Credits: Playrix
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