Front cover of Gracie's Secret by Jill Childs

“Gracie’s Secret”

Front cover of Gracie's Secret by Jill Childs

Author: Jill Childs
Copyright © 2018

KD Rating:

4 Stars Out of 10 Stars

The novel speaks of the love of a mother for her toddler daughter. Mainly utilizing Jennifer’s perspective all throughout the story, the prose starts off with her finding out that Gracie, her daughter, was in a car accident with Ella, her ex-husband’s new woman. As Gracie grapples with a coma at the hospital, Jennifer is befriended by Matt, a seemingly Good Samaritan, who later on becomes part of their lives.

Venetian Trip

The good thing about this 2018 Jill Childs book is the apt description of what it means to be a mother–a single mom, really, who tries her best to do what’s good for only child. Readers who may want a glimpse of Venice may also find the novel a good supplement as scenes take them directly to the beauteous Venetian city where mystery and old-world artistic masterpieces abound.

Perspectives As Lacking Ingredient

In as much as the tale focuses on the struggles of a mother as she comes to grips with the all-encompassing responsibility of rearing her child, the narrative quickly escalates into a rambling, monotonous read.

Childs attempts to engage interest as she inserts several sections of Ella’s perspective into the book. Albeit, it would’ve done wonders to add some more magic. A bit of Gracie’s or Richard’s (Gracie’s dad and Jennifer’s estranged husband) or even Matt’s point of view may have aided to produce a better appreciation of the complete account.

Mystery Unfolded

Failing to do so, however, somewhat affected the presentation of the opus. For someone like me who adores a fast-evolving plot, the plan to build up on the climax seems somewhat long-winded and irkingly tedious.

As for me, I already got the “secret” unraveled in the first few pages. Then, the many instances where the protagonist becomes foolishly inattentive to her three-year-old creates such scorn for her in me.

Toddlers Require Adequate Attention

Clearly, “Gracie’s Secret” isn’t a book that I’d recommend to mothers who believe that toddlers need to be steadfastly looked after. Because, truly, children at that uncertain age necessitate avid attention and guidance especially in public places and the like.

The Verdict

All in all, the book wasn’t one of the better pieces that I’ve read of late. Drama-packed thrillers, in my opinion, require more ingredients than the simple ramblings of an absent-minded, careless parent who cannot even see the monstrous danger already staring right at her face.

For a single mom like me, it totally irked me to even read about Jennifer dismissing, diverting, and refuting the incessant questions of Gracie regarding her near-death experience. A gruesome, traumatic incident such as that necessitates deeper wisdom and patience, I think. Although, that quick twist in the end may make a huge difference.

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