ABS-CBN photo of Baron Geisler as Dante in Ang Probinsyano

“Baron Geisler: Still A Brilliant Star”

ABS-CBN photo of Baron Geisler as Dante in Ang Probinsyano
Photo Credits: ABS-CBN

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Being avid viewers of the beloved ABS-CBN teleserye, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, it was a wondrous gift for me and my family to discover that Baron Geisler was, once again, knitted into the story. Offered the challenging role of kontrabida (villain) to Coco Martin’s Ricardo Dalisay, Geisler adds another riveting twist to the ongoing saga.

Popularly cited for his masterful portrayals of different characters in his long-standing career as a versatile actor, Geisler’s comeback presence in the famous primetime series is a weighty reason to watch television every week night.

Growing up during the hype of Ang TV, ABS-CBN’s afternoon kiddie show during the 90s, Geisler was one of the child stars I watched each day. My family, particularly my mom, noted how he could effectively depict each of the parts he immortalized in his numerous movie and TV appearances (Geisler is one of her favorite actors).

Thus, it was a huge disappointment to learn about the varied skirmishes, controversies, and law suits that he eventually got involved in during his later years.

Given his tendency to seemingly enact reckless maneuvers when inebriated, saddening news reports spoke of his notorious reputation and his persistent alcohol addiction (see Baron Geisler). It even got to a point where he was banned twice by PAMI (Professional Artist Management, Inc.) from working with entertainers managed by its members. Thus, it took us all by surprise to see him acting again.

Undertaking the title role of David “Bungo” S. Madarang in the multi-awarded teleserye, his seamless ability to consistently enact believable scenes further compels the audience to await each episode. Each segment involving him–every laugh, every word from him–paves the way for another gripping discussion amongst us, his stalwart fans. Indeed, Baron Geisler is a genius when it comes to his craft.

Like a fish takes to water, he effortlessly plays every sequence of the script, creating daring layers of depth in each of his assigned lines. Although, I must mention that we watch him with bated breaths–cheering him on to execute his scenes, expertly, whilst hoping that he remains as steady as a pea. Akin to Damocles’ sword hanging above our heads, there’s that tacit prayer that he stays lucid, sober, and sane.

All in all, Geisler’s stellar performance in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano only proves the fact that he’s truly a brilliant actor who has the hefty potential of further surpassing a lot of his showbiz contemporaries. I hope that he steadily adheres to his resolve to stay off alcohol–crossing my fingers and knocking on wood.

Geisler’s recent guesting at the Kapamilya Network’s “Magandang Buhay” showed the actor’s vulnerable side. I keenly agree with one of the talkshow’s hosts, Karla Estrada, as she pointed out the fact that Geisler is an indispensable figure in the local showbiz industry specifically because he’s truly a magnificent actor (see I’m sorry’: Baron Geisler, napaiyak dahil sa kapatid).

Indeed, everyone deserves another chance at redemption, right? Dubbed as the Modern Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema, Geisler’s infamous struggle is an ongoing household topic. Yet, his present stint as Dalisay’s new nemesis in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano indicates his renewed efforts to keep his real demons at bay.

Hence, rather than bashing someone who’s already down in the ditch, why not bestow him that much-needed leg-up, eh? After all, who are we to judge? Look, are we even perfect?

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