At work, after a gruelling five hours out in the sun, I’m with a group of youngsters as we discuss our next move. You suddenly appear with an ice cold bottle of Vitamilk. You hand it over to me, shyly–apologetically; as if it’s a near-transgression to even offer me anything.

At the staff house, while I attempt to finish a report due the next day, I hear the roar of a motorbike as it parks outside the door. You enter the house with another ice cold Vitamilk for me.

It becomes a tiny part of our routine–you, me, and Vitamilk–and I never question your actions or the regular Vitamilk gifts. Because, well, people can be so kind sometimes.

But then, friends begin teasing you and me. “Isn’t it even obvious to you? He seriously likes you!” A mischievous grin appears on her face as my friend convinces me that you are more than okay.

Am I really that numb? Although, it’s another busy day and I have no time to play.

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