“New Year 2020”

There comes that time in your life when you get tired of all the BS thrown at you, when you decide that you’re worth more than the drama, the bullying, the pressure, and all the times when people discard you for something new. You stop looking for the silver linings of every hellish thing. You ignore all the what-ifs and might-have-beens–and look at each specific situation for what it really is. You stop giving people, repeatedly, the benefit of the doubt. You start to think also of yourself. You begin to walk away from toxic, irreparable conditions that merely suck up your time, money, strength, and mental equilibrium. You realize that kindness should beget kindness and that you also deserve a trickle of it. Hence, you get to understand that peace is something that everyone should work for and that it isn’t your job, alone, to build bridges for all. You get to comprehend that you are also important and that you also deserve to have something of your own. Thus, you learn to trust your instincts and to stay away from those who merely want to use you as a vital piece in winning their game–a hurtful game that you don’t even desire to play.

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