“Just To Keep The Peace”

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“make a promise…” she tells him.

“what about?” he asks.

“promise me that whatever happens to us, you will be strong. if we ever fight, if i die, or if you ever lose me, assure me that you’ll be fine–that you’ll continue to live,” she enunciates.

“…sure,” he tells her, noncommitally.

“not like that. make a serious promise!” she demands.

“okay, okay. yes, i promise!” he exclaims, just to keep the peace.

a few months after that conversation, he finds it difficult to breathe. he remembers that promise; for, the girl, he loved, just died–and, he promised to live for her. so, in order to appease her, he endeavors to stay alive–even when he wants to kill himself–just to keep the peace.


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