“Will You Be My Valentine?”

A Collaboration With Ruftaz Raj
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Let’s have all the jouissance;
As well as all the pain.
Happiness is just happiness–
We might even relish the ache.
As it happens, this ancient life
Abounds with strife;
But, here we are, speaking about
One measly heartbreak.
The thing that’s horrendously infelicitous
Is the fact that you say
You can love tomorrow;
Yet, not today.
When I’m already a hairbreadth’s away
From kissing you, my sweet.
In truth, five months just seems too lengthy;
And, I merely need five more seconds,
Before my heart truly breaks.
Go slow, my love–go itsy bitsy slow.
You’ll be doing us both a favor, you know.
Let’s have today–
Let’s glean the auld memories of who we are.
Make this day worth-remembering.
Permit our love to ignite.
What say you?
Will you be my valentine today?

— Ruftaz Raj & Diwa

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