“What’s Love?”

For, in truth, you can always opt to forever seek someone to be with, based on the myriad standards that make up your ideals; yet, no one shalt ever be perfect. The sole basis of a lasting relationship, is the staunch willingness of you and your partner to actually make it work–and to do something about it, every single day.

The ultimate basis of love,
Shalt never be
Those moments of joy
And those instances of passion;
It’s actually those excruciating hours
Of heated arguments
That eventually get resolved
Due to the fact
That both parties involved,
Fathom the basic core
Of what brought them together–
And what it may feel like
To perpetuate the wedge
Between them both;
As it happens,
Love isn’t about endless peace
But the capacity to maintain
The significant ties that bind;
It’s choosing each other
Despite the intermittent upheavals
That make up normal life.

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