“The Maze Tunnel”

Have you ever been within a maze?
Have you ever tried entering a labyrinth
Of enfeebling pathways and directions
Where your left doesn’t meet your right;
Your north doesn’t acknowledge your south;
And your east is ever ignorant of your west?
Wouldn’t it be ludicrously bizarre to even consider
Getting into such an eldritch nightmare?

Have you ever been through a tunnel?
Have you even attempted passing through
A shadowed, unfriendly obstacle
Where claustrophobia can choke you
Way before you even manage to get out?
Yes, there’s that promised light at the end;
Yet, what if that contemptuous devil of guiles
Simply wants to bury you alive inside?

Well, here’s a maze and it’s also a tunnel.
Like, you have to go through both things, now,
And you really ought to transcend your fears.
Time is running out and nary an ally is there
To even accompany you on this lunatic travail.
But, then again, you’re so used to the solitude
And your life has become a series of wrong turns,
With naught but dirt at each end you reach.

Yet, they say that you’ve got to do it, anyway
And that ’tis your legacy and your bond.
For, everyone’s just born to glean the panacea
To each plague that comes one’s way.
So, here you are, still, and you’re ready
To turn in that white flag, so to speak;
But, you’re challenged by those irking whispers
That taunt you while you endeavor to sleep.

So, you get up and run this way and that way–
Praying to the gods that you finally find that light.


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