“The Girl Cried For You”

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you hate her for not crying.
you mock her because you think
that ever since you left her,
she never broke down in fear.

she let you go without a tear;
her eyes were all so clear.
she wished you no ill;
you thought her smiles were real.

you went away with no guilt;
a man who wanted to complete
all the steps that would make him
the best–the highest in the team.

then, you come back and find
the girl you left behind.
she’s different and stronger;
but couldn’t stay much longer.

she tells you that she has to go.
she mentions priorities, you do not know.
this makes you mad and thinks she’s bad.
you call her names that make her sad.

what you failed, to do, was think deeply, too.
you could have known the truth–
that the day you left for a better future,
she did not eat or sleep–the girl cried for you.


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