“The Coffee Ice Cream”

He asks her to choose something from the list.
Oh! What a myriad of flavors, there are!
He chooses a delectable scoop of mango sherbet;
That melt-in-your-mouth feel of something
So familiar yet, equally, addictive taste
Of innocence and refreshing dips in the stream.
She scans the lengthy, intimidating menu.
She gleans lots of tempting choices–
Rocky road sundae, vanilla melt, cookies and cream,
And all of the other old-time favorites–
Including some new, hard-to-pronounce labels.
She settles for a scoop of coffee ice cream, instead.
He smiles, knowingly, and they both wait
For their orders, side-by-side.
“Why do you like coffee too much, then?”
He quizzes her, teasingly–
Knowing he’s in for another lengthy debate.
They’re forever that way–
Goading each other, endlessly;
Laughing at each other’s foibles, relentlessly.
“I need a lil’ bit of my fix, dude.
You know, ice for my cold personality
And coffee for my rancorous view of the world,”
She mockingly replies.
“Nah, you don’t really need to be so ornery again.
Just admit that you miss coffee!”
He baits her back, affectionately.
“Well, there’s that! The watered-down caffeine
You serve me, is so yuck, you know!”
She shots back, mercilessly.
On and on, they pass their time,
Joyously ridiculing each other–
Wrapped within a bubble of their own,
As they relish their own ladles of sorbets–
Stealing spoonfuls, back and forth, frequently.
Who says that romantic love should always be
About heavy desire and unbridled complexity?
Sometimes, it can also be defined, simply,
By the tiny pleasures derived
From the deep, abiding camaraderie
Between two people who both opt to stay in love.

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