Image of a perfume

“The Ashes Of Sandalwood”

Image of a perfume

The ashes of sandalwood
Are like the poignant remnants
Of both you and me–
Unrelentingly precious
And fragrantly sweet.
Do you still remember
My favorite perfume?
The one that you gave me;
The female counterpart
Of the one you favored.
Do you still have the same one?
I still recall those moments
When we wore the same smell.
It was always like that for us–
Similar tastes
For almost everything!
You came home, one day,
With a little present,
Wrapped in gold.
It was one of those instances
When, after a lengthy trip,
You’d surprise me with a gift.
I unfurled the metallic overlay
And found an exotic flask
Of sandalwood scent for me.
I squealed, delightedly,
And hugged you, intensely.
It was an extravagant offering
From you to little me.
I still have the pretty decanter;
Although, its content’s almost gone.
It’s been three years, love;
The only keepsakes, left with me,
Are the ashes of sandalwood
In my beloved bahkoor burner–
And the pervasive memory
Of your beauteous face.


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