“Thank You”

Especially dedicated to the whole Aro Clan. Thank you so much!
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I don’t quantify or qualify love,
Based on the gifts, I receive;
Or, the time spent, with me;
Or, even, the number of individuals,
Who flock to my midst.
In truth, love becomes imperative
During the most Stygian instances,
When I have nothing and no one, at all.
Yet, God is the ultimate Providence.
He never fails to send unlikely angels,
Who assist me, inestimably, in my plight.
Because of the boundless
Concern and assistance, they give,
My afflicted cross becomes
More bearable, more feasible.
As it happens, family is family–
Be it by blood or not, actually;
And, no matter what takes place;
Wherever I may roam–
I could never disregard the ones,
Who, unfailingly, offer help;
Even when I don’t deserve it.
To them: “Thank you. Thank you.
May God bless you, a thousandfold.”


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