“Riding, Road Trips, Bikes, And Him”

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i ride through the village streets at night,
to clear my mind of ponders.
it helps to see the natural setting
that can interest me, to forget.

for i cannot find anything
to replace the repetitive thinking,
that has the same old you, as its king.
am i not through with you, yet?

cease the non-stop singing
that you keep doing inside my head;
or, the allusion to bikes and tires,
and the familiar whirring of an engine.

yet, i do the same things you do.
we have the same hobbies and habits.
the simple you and the simple me,
riding highways and liking trees.

sounds familiar, right?
same face, as well, sometimes;
and the ocean, the sandy beach.
the countryside, the roadtrips.

now, i go back inside the house
and head straight back, to my room.
i didn’t really solve anything.
i’m simply back to you, again.

i went out to forget you.
i came back with more of you.
will this ever stop then? no?
be gone, i say. now, i sound like a noob.


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