I don’t concern myself
With necessitated etiquette
And amorphous euphemisms
That merely attempt to camouflage
What’s actually taking place;
Albeit, I demand familiarization
Of the various terms and gestures
That you so love to use;
Like, what does it mean
When you stop in mid-sentence
And start frowning, love?
What does it signify
When you laugh in that certain way,
When you seem so present
And yet, you look so far away?
For, I may be a stalwart deviant
To the superficial norms adapted
By this hypocritical universe;
Yet, I’ll always require
That you and I, both, elect to fathom
The multitudinous facets of us
And who we are to each other;
Because, the world may opt
To continue being vague and elusive;
Although, I meant it when I said,
“I love you”
And that perpetuates
Being transparent,
Both ways and all the way.

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