“One Of The Same Kind Love”

Our love isn’t pilfered
From the moon and the stars
And the sun, way beyond our skies;
We aren’t Winter and Summer
Nor even Autumn and Spring;
We aren’t the king and queen
Of this trundling, crumbling world
Nor the majestic captains
Of each other’s souls.
You aren’t my turbulent sea
And I’m not your tropical wind.
Our love isn’t one-of-a-kind;
It’s not the end to the means
Nor the means to any end;
It’s not the infamous Ambrosia
Nor the answer of the gods.
It’s built on a chaotic tapestry
Of irrevocable humanity,
Both dead and alive–
It’s a testament and a covenant,
Bound to a history of promises–
Fulfilled, delayed, and broken–
Forever teeming
This ancient, persistent scheme.
Love me or leave me;
But believe the persistent whispers
Of the encroaching specters–
Because, we aren’t the first
Nor even the definite last
To ever be inundated
With this cyclical, euphoric curse.


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