“Of Vampires And Fiends”

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her heart bled with scarlet tears.
she couldn’t even breathe.
her love was poured forth
for a traitorous soul.
he has made himself known,
at last.

nothing can really cease
the nonstop flow of the fetid
evidence, of betrayal–
an innocent heart
that offered its purest nectar
to a deceitful vampire,
whose only intent was to defile her.

too late did she discover
that he never intended
to replenish what he took.
his only goal was to feed on her;
and, leave her dying;
after emptying her, of her soul.

in search of another victim,
he prowls the night, anew–
forgetting the heart
that bled, to death, for him.
on the hunt for the next
luscious maiden, he goes.


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