“My Sol”

He was the iridescent sun
And I was the lonesome one,
Longing to be desired–
Yearning to deem how it was,
To be admired.
He fetched me wild roses
And beguiling promises,
Wrapped in silver and gold.
He was a dazzling knight–
Enchanting and bold.
I liked him for his eyes
And the way, he melted my ice.
He brought me to his kingdom–
A beauteous cage of freedom.
He uttered all the verses
And veiled the hideous ashes.
At first, I felt some pain;
Yet, he kissed them all–
Proclaimed, I wasn’t plain.
I was besotted with his grace;
I couldn’t get enough of his face.
We frolicked and laughed;
He declared that I wasn’t daft.
I made him my forever king;
He did all else to his liking.
Eventually, I was bequeathed
With his babe.
I felt so grateful–
I wanted to name the child, Abe.
Yet, when I informed my angel
That my womb was filled and able,
He yelled and uttered, “Hell!”
He kicked and struck me
With his bell,
Until a streaming lake of scarlet
Began to leak;
I was so shocked–
I couldn’t even speak.
Gone were his sweet renderings;
I was merely one of his flings.
Yes, he was my effervescent Sol;
Though, now, I feel so small.

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