“My Life, My Journey”

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who’s to judge the path, i travel?
will it be you, who knows nothing, of me?
or, them, who think they know me?
am i not the one who should?
who makes the rules in this life’s journey?
do you? do they? do i?
the places i’ve been,
the things i’ve seen.
the people i’ve met along my way.
the hearts i’ve broken.
the ones who broke my heart.
do these make me, who i must seem, today?
or, does my past matter, still?
who makes me, this way?
what matters in this present deal?
in truth, i think, we’re only guessing;
for the most important point, to see,
is the fact that both, you and i,
are the sole decision-makers
of the lives we mean to live.
the road i take is long and arduous;
and, everyone will say their roads are, too.
so the point, i’d like to make,
is that no one, but i, can judge myself.
the sole exception, to this rule,
is that aside from little me–
the only one to tell you truths of me,
is the one God who guides me.


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