“Meandering Mind”

Alas! ‘Tis one of those vertiginous nights
When shadows find their irking way
Into my heart–my heart, cold and gray.
Lo! The shattered shards of gleeful days,
A most beauteous kaleidoscope
Of rainbows and gaiety–a giddy daze.
‘Tis but another lonesome evening,
Filled with ancient, forgotten beings
And long-lost carousing dreams–
An acheful reminiscing, filled to the brim
With glorious sandcastles and whims.
Oh my! What I would give to head back
To those persistent might-have-beens!
Had I, mayhap, been given a modest chance;
Then, perhaps, I’d have refashioned
The errors of prideful ignorance
And haughty, naive naysaying.
Perchance, trundle back to that, may we?
Yet, hither nor thither are ye–
And, afflicted with poetry and writing,
Thine once-beloved lass still is.
Aye, ’tis a lonely eve of dark meandering;
But, methinks, used to it now, I should be.

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