“Legal Abandonment”

Breaking up with someone can be horrible.
It’s filled up with chaos to the point
Where you simply need to let go
Afore you get so bitter that all else turns to nil.
Who could forget that famous line, “It’s not you; it’s me.”
Or the other one, “You’ll find someone better.”?
Painfully horrendous, isn’t it?
You’d think the earth has ceased to exist
And that all you really desire to accomplish
Is to curl up, cry, and truly die.
You believe that naught else can ever commensurate
With the hurt that almost stupifies you into zilch.
Yet, imagine yourself married and, finally, settled down;
Then, out of the blue, he decides to end it and say bye.
How would you even tackle such a condition
Where the very person, you opted to tie the knot with,
Just elects to leave and call it forever quits?
You attempt to fix it–
You weep;
You shout;
You remind him of the sacred covenant of marriage;
You point out all the various reasons to remain;
Then, in the end, you beg.
Yet, he won’t budge–
He steadfastly sticks to his guns.
You’re shattered and pulverized by his words;
But, he opens the door, anyway.
You love him, dearly, and you can’t comprehend
Why he resolves to have this doltish wind-up.
So, you hope and you pray;
You rally yourself into thinking he might change his mind.
You find yourself on that rollercoaster of emotions–
From sad to hopeful to angry to crazy;
Then, back again to sad.
Though, several days pass and not a shadow of him appears.
Then, a formal missive–
An official letter, enclosed in a long white envelope–
Arrives and you feel yourself start to quiver,
While tears begin to blur your sight.
It’s a kind of summons from the court,
Stating a petition for the dissolution of your life.
You strive to stay calm;
You venture out of your way to beseech him to reconsider;
But, all you really receive, from him, is a cold reply–
If not the total silence that’s become your norm these days.
So, you eventually admit defeat and start to let go–
Even while your heart desires for more;
Because, it’s legally acceptable to utter goodbye
And, unfortunately, he yearns to cut all the strings
That once fettered him to you–and only you.


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