“Legacies Of Nightmares”

Love can be such a glorious experience, right?
You fall in love and you glean a swarm of pleasures
That mayn’t be possible, had it not been for love–
Or the imitation of it, like infatuation and such.
Unfortunately, not everyone is endowed
With a wondrous connection that forever withstands
The travails of this fleeting realm.
Hence, all too many get jilted and consequently hurt;
Because, humans are flawed
And feelings can be too whimsical, sometimes.
Ergo, enthralling dreams can subsequently turn
Into pervading nightmares that don’t really get
Extinguished nor subdued–
Long after love has been discarded and lost.
We earn scars when we deal with sentiments;
We waste a huge chunk of our time and ourselves–
Specifically when we take people, oh so seriously.
Thus, the heart that was once naive and quixotic
Diminishes it’s iridescence and starts to open its eyes
To the possible atrocities of this faulty existence.
Wherefore, along with this injurious reckoning
Also appears the striking erudition
That life can be filled up
With a vile horde of traumatic associations–
Thereby, inducing calcified views, as well.
These enormities shouldn’t stupify us, natheless.
For, life shall invariably be a lively circus of emotions,
Whether we admit it or not.
Alluding to the old adage, indeed–
But, “Love is like seeing the face of God,”
Would consistently be a factual contention
That this occurrence is still worth it–
Even when it causes us to bleed;
More so, because it does.


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