Image of a lonely woman

“I Am Lonely”

Image of a lonely woman

I am lonely–
As furiously forsaken
As the ebbing tide
And the newbie surfer
Who doesn’t know
How to dance
With such diminutive wave.

I am lonely–
As dreadfully wary
As the unkempt mongrel
Who grabs the cookie, I offer,
And darts faraway
To eat its paltry fill.

I am lonely–
As darkness turns to light,
As the stars wail with might,
I am as lonely
As the eagle
Who gets blindsided
By the confusing sight.

I am lonely–
As pitifully alone as I was
When I grabbed your hand
And compelled you
To take a chance;
The empty promise
Of togetherness.

I am lonely–
As achingly forgotten
As that willow behind the tree;
The one where our names
Are still embedded
Even as you left me
And opted to ride away–
And flee.

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