“Helping Someone In Need”

This is a real-life narrative about my mama. This piece is for her.
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invisible and unseen,
he sits in a corner and seeks;
a kind soul to help him–
someone who can give.
he doesn’t really need much;
only a few coins to help buy lunch;
that’s really all he needs.
a wish to eat, he seeks.
from the corner of the busy marketplace,
he spots a small lady walking slowly;
he thinks she has some money.
she might help someone who’s weak.
he decides to approach her;
only a few coins, he’ll beg of her.
scared and weak with hunger, he speaks,
“madam, please help me.
only a bit of your money, i plead.”
the lady looks at him, kindly,
and sees the sincerity in his face.
she takes the last money in her purse
and gives it to him, who pleads.
“take this and buy some bread to eat.
i had some money and this is all that’s left,”
the madam tells him, as she smiles.
he thanks her and leaves–
happy to have a bit;
what he did not know was this:
the lady who gave him some respite,
also had a hard life;
but was happy to share
the blessings she received.
she was saving the last coins she had;
so she could take a cab home–
her knee was bad;
yet, she sacrificed her own comfort
to help someone, also, in need.


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