“Don’t Love Me And Then Say Goodbye”

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I’m not sure if you are someone I should know.
I’m not really certain if I’m even allowed to.
Because, you strike me as someone I’d want to keep;
You have the appearance of someone
who will make me bleed.

I’m not really good with proper discernment,
The way that others can immediately pinpoint,
Those who are only meant to hurt.
Me? I meet someone likeable and then–
Boom! I give my whole world.

Frankly, I don’t want to do that again;
You know, like, giving myself to someone who’ll leave;
And you look like the kind, who gets what they want.
You seem too loveable not to disappear.

No. I’d rather stay away from you.
I don’t want to be the next girl,
Who gets to weep because you’ll go;
For, you don’t plan to stay, do you?

Sometimes, it could be so lonely, like this;
Being alone, this way, gives you that.
You’d wish someone would just spring up;
You’d find yourself praying for love.

You aren’t love, are you? You don’t look like him.
They say, you’ll know him, when he comes.
They say, your heart will simply recognize him.
I don’t think I see him in you–or I’m pretending not to.

Because, I know how it feels to be hurt.
I know how it feels to be thrown away;
Like, you have some kind of disease or something.
It hurts.
Being thrown away–being unloved–
Is pure pain.

So, let’s agree to avoid heartbreak–
When someone decides to untie the string.
That’s the condition I detest, the most.
Don’t love me, and then later on,
Say goodbye.


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