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time will never erase,
the consequential moment,
that arose when love has spoken,
between two souls with hearts of gold.

a thousand emotions,
within the space of situations,
where the presence of a constant pain–
a hollow truth, within, remains.

a forever search will never cease;
suffusing even the floating breeze,
with whispers of a name long-forgotten;
reminisced anew–expound amid the nonsense.

release the wish to waiting chance.
wear the dress and do the dance;
for, the heart remembers its pair;
despite its arrogance–it can’t help but stare.

tease the memories anew.
enact the puzzle–commend its due;
for, when destiny has spoken;
its word will never be broken.

give love another mention.
forego the chains of delusion;
for, fate will win this battle;
the silence answers its riddle.


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