“Cupid, O Cupid!”

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clouds that mess with my vision;
i blow you away from me.
i need the clearest view,
of the love they took from me.
hasten, oh hasten,
cumulus clouds of cotton.
clear the path for cupid’s bow;
so he can shoot arrows
of fabled fairy dust,
straight into the heart,
of the man i’m looking at.
oh naughty wind, behave.
trample the frolick, you silly knave.
i need the perfect timing
that may help get backo
the man, they’ve got.
a little bit faster,
stop your arrow’s quiver.
little boy with the silvery bow,
quit your teasing,
make your perfect throw.
for the love i have is fast a-fading.
you might not need,
to do my bidding.
poof! now it’s too late.
the memory of my love,
for him, has faded.


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