“Crimson Tide”

An ocean of dark scarlet waves;
A ferocious, lapping sound of silence.
Bodies, strewn all about;
Men and women, both, wailing–
Searching through the mound.
Another bomb has been detonated;
Another group owns up to the carnage.
For love of God and country–or is it?
An unremitting battle for what?
For power, for greed, for money,
And for misguided philosophies, I believe.
Yet, when shall these wars cease?
When all of imperfect humanity
Gets blown to bits, you think?
“Bam!” Another explosion echoes
Through the injured vicinity;
The ears turn deaf, temporarily;
Then, a bout of additional weeping
Reverberates through the city–
Unrelenting “Wee woo! Wee woo!”
Signifies pain, death, and tears, yet again.
How many more to perish, please?
Another crimson tide meant
To defend sovereignty over zilch.

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