I don’t know what I feel for you tonight;
I don’t quite fathom this flip-flopping sensation
That produces such cacophonous clangs,
Deep down my bottomless, vacuous gut;
Like, should I even eat you up or not?
Should I even think of you–or should I not?
For, sometimes, I have such warm sentiments
Regarding this topsy-turvy relationship
And I’d ache to be close to you–
And clinch my soul to yours;
Though, most times, I have this desire
To fling you far away from my spine
And just leave you, way behind.
I don’t quite understand this perplexing force
That coerces me to glance back
And glimpse the receding effigy of your smile;
I fail to disregard the moments
Of shared adventures and miscalculations
That complete our peculiar connection–
Even when I’d really rather not;
So, I’m stuck in this ever-winding labyrinth
Of should-I-or-should-I-not;
Although, it’s simply too exhausting
To perpetuate this perturbing analysis
And the risible crow speaks of the advent
Of another frigid, mediocre morning.

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