“Appreciating The Moment”

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the incessant cackle, of the creature
outside my window, irritates me.
it seems to be an omen that negates
my hopeful wish, for a good day.
darkness, be gone!
for the spirit gets tired, when days on end,
have been a series of trials, stringed together.
but then, wait! i open my window;
as i hear some ticklish laughter;
amidst the foul warmth, of the tropical sun.
despite the seering heat
and palpable humdrum of the day;
i see little children playing–
naivete, evident in them.
blades of grass, tied into a ball with strings,
were given another purpose.
in tattered clothes and worn out slippers,
youngsters play some kind of soccer game.
alongside them,
the usual elders of the village sit in groups,
loudly discussing what-not,
sharing a bottle of the local brew–
innocent to the monotony, of that activity.
then, i hear my mother calling me, to eat.
my day has begun.
i don’t think i’m in such a bad mood, now.


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