“A Mother’s Love”

For Jaisha Belinda.
(c) Own Photo.

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My babe, my love, my sweet darling dear,
Never frighten me, again, like that.
Don’t make my heart beat in panic–
Or, jump and stop, at that tragic steep.
For, nothing will ever be worth it,
Without you around, my dear.
You are my eternal reason–
The effervescent Supernova of my existence.
Never horrify me with any kind of malady.
If need be;
Then, let me take the bane of it, instead.
No blighted evil shall ever come near you;
For, as long as I’m with you,
I’ll be your safety net and your shield.
I’ll take bullets for you, my princess–
You don’t even have to ask.
Your jouissance and well-being–
The main arteries of my soul.
Each tear, each ache, each frown–
They merely spur me on, to defend you.
Against all odds, I’ll save you.
My life, I’ll lay for you.
All the ways. All ways. Always.


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