Sablan Municipal Hall. Image by Judgefloro, via Wikimedia Commons.

Sablan, Benguet

Sablan is a municipality in the province of Benguet.

Sablan Municipal Hall. Image by Judgefloro, via Wikimedia Commons.
Sablan Municipal Hall
Photo credits: Judgefloro

Places of Interest

The following are places of interest, tourist attractions and/or notable landmarks in Sablan.

  • Mount Dakes/Shekes – located in Barangay Banangan, along Naguilian Road. From the mountaintop, one is rewarded with a breathtaking sight of the Lingayen Gulf as well as the West Philippine Sea with the Cordillera mountains and hills in the foreground. Catching the sunset from the same spot would surely be an awesome experience, too.
  • Mount Esbo – located in Barangay Bagong. Reaching the jump-off site and the actual climb are a little challenging. When on the summit, one gets to see the San Fernando cityscape including Poro Point, the West Philippine Sea, and towns bordering the Sea.
  • Mount Pocgong – located at Barangay Balluay. This tri-boundary mountain shared by Sablan, Kapangan, and Tublay has its Sablan jump-off point in Barangay Bagong. Balluay can be reached via the La Trinidad-Banengbeng Road or the Alno-Tuel Road.
  • Sabdang Waterfalls – located at Lower Poblacion
  • Towing Waterfalls – located at Barangay Poblacion
  • Asal Waterfalls – located at Sawili. Its remote location makes the trek to and from the waterfalls difficult.
  • Tagiew Waterfalls – located at Barangay Banengbeng. Foot trails leading to the waterfalls are hard to negotiate.
  • Agsit River and Waterfalls – located at Barangay Kamog
  • Aneng River – located at Barangay Kamog
  • Ambacuag River – located at Barangay Banangan
  • Sacdol Hot Spring – located at Barangay Pappa
  • View Deck and Pasalubong Center – located at Barangay Banangan along Naguilian Road. This was erected by the municipal government to cater to tourists and travelers journeying through the mountain highway. The government building houses public comfort rooms and commercial shop where local fruits, root crops, handicrafts like bags, soft brooms, and other Sablan products are sold. There is likewise a view deck where travelers can take a break from their trip and enjoy the sight of the row of mountains. Looking down, one gets a glimpse of a river, most probably the Balili River from La Trinidad, snaking its way through the jungle floor towards the lowlands where it will be called the Bauang River before it drains into the West Philippine Sea.
  • Naguilian Road – is also called the Baguio-Bauang Road or Quirino Highway. This mountain highway, proven to be a sturdy all-weather road, passes through the Benguet towns of Tuba and Sablan, and the La Union towns of Burgos, Naguilian, and Bauang. It is 46 kilometers long.
  • Immaculate Conception Parish Church – located at Barangay Poblacion


  • Adivay Festival – is a province-wide and month-long celebration held every November. The activities include a Grand CaƱao, search for the Mr. and Ms. Benguet, sports events, cultural presentations, rodeo, horseback riding competition, and agri-tourism fair, among others. As the name implies, the festival is a special event for the coming together of the 13 municipalities of Benguet to celebrate as one. Also meant as a thanksgiving for the official foundation of the province. Adivay Festival activities take place in the capital town of Benguet in La Trinidad.

Map of Sablan

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