Mankayan, Benguet

Mankayan is a municipality in the province of Benguet.

Places of Interest

The following are places of interest, tourist attractions and/or notable landmarks in Mankayan.

  • Am-am Observatory Rock – is an enormous naturally flattened rock atop a mountain in Barangay Balili. A view deck at the top of this mountain rock provides spectacular vista of the surrounding hills and mountains, the Abra River, and vegetable gardens. From this viewing spot, one can also have clear sight of the historical Bessang Pass and Tirad Pass located in Ilocos Sur. The former is the site of a crucial, though protracted, battle during World War II, wherein the Filipino soldiers under the US Army Forces in the Philippines Northern Luzon (USAFIP-NL) defeated the Imperial Japanese Army. Today, Bessang Pass lies along the Tagudin-Cervantes-Sabangan Road in Barangay Malaya, Cervantes town of Ilocos Sur. Tirad Pass, on the other hand, is the site of a battle during the Philippine-American War wherein Brigadier General Gregorio del Pilar and most of his 60 soldiers died. The young general led his men in courageously repelling more than 500 American soldiers so that President Emilio Aguinaldo and his troops could escape.
  • Hill World War II – is a strategic site in the town of Mankayan which the 66th Infantry Battalion successfully captured which rendered their advance toward Bessang Pass mush easier. This vital hill was fiercely guarded by the Japanese troops under the overall command of General Tomoyuki Yamashita. Overcoming this vital obstacle played a significant role in the ultimate victory of the US and Filipino forces together with the Igorot freedome fighters and the guerrillas from Northern Luzon.
  • Palidan Slides – are located in Barangay Palasaan. Also known as the Grand Canyon of Palasaan. This unusual landform reportedly used to be a mountain which underwent erosion over time until it assumed its present canyon-like appearance.
  • Mong-o Burial Ground – located near the Palidan Slides or Grand Canyon of Palasaan.
  • Burial Site – found beneath the huge Am-am rock in Barangay Balili. It is an antiquated tomb containing a traditional coffin carved out from a pine tree trunk.
  • Cabacab Plateau – located in Barangay Balili. This beautiful plateau is situated in an outlying part of the town. It is occupied by a community that is mainly engaged in vegetable farming.
  • Mount Bayoyo – called the “sleeping crocodile” which is 2,170 masl.
  • Mada-ew Falls – located in Barangay Bedbed
  • Inodey Falls – located near the boundary between Mankayan, Benguet and Tadian, Mountain Province
  • School of Living Tradition – located in the remote barangay of Bedbed. This nontraditional school was launched in order to keep alive an important tradition in the community, namely the art of gong-making which was handed down by their ancestors. Funded by the National Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA) and run by the Association of Senior Citizens, the School of Living Tradition, through the expert gong makers among the elders, conducts workshops to train the village youth, in producing gongs of excellent quality. Such brass musical instruments, also called gangsa, are used during cultural rituals and celebrations of the Cordillera tribes.
  • Nayak Twin Decline Tunnels – consists of 2 openings at the foot of a mountain that serve as entrance to the underground tunnels belonging to the Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company which is engaged in mining copper, gold, and silver.
  • Lepanto Airtrip – located in Barangay Paco. It is an area specifically developed by the Lepanto Mining Company to serve as their private runway for their airplanes.
  • Lepanto Mines Golf Course – located in Barangay Sapid. This recreational and sports facility in the distant mining town of Mankayan consists of an 18-hole golf course.
  • Shooting Range – another recreational and sports facility catering to the members of the Amburayan District Pistol Association, an organization of gun owners and target shooting enthusiasts.
  • Holy Cross Parish Church – located at Lepanto
  • Saint Joseph the Husband of Mary Parish Church – located in Barangay Poblacion


  • Adivay Festival – is a province-wide and month-long celebration held every November. The activities include a Grand CaƱao, search for the Mr. and Ms. Benguet, sports events, cultural presentations, rodeo, horseback riding competition, and agri-tourism fair, among others. As the name implies, the festival is a special event for the coming together of the 13 municipalities of Benguet to celebrate as one. Also meant as a thanksgiving for the official foundation of the province. Adivay Festival activities take place in the capital town of Benguet in La Trinidad.

Map of Mankayan

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