Kibungan, Benguet

Kibungan is a municipality in the province of Benguet.

Places of Interest

The following are places of interest, tourist attractions and/or notable landmarks in Kibungan.

  • Mount Kilkili – a mountain located in Palina. It is believed to be an extinct volcano because of its cone shape.
  • Mount Amanayao – a mountain in Barangay Badeo which rises to more than 2,000 masl.
  • Rocky Wall of Beauties – located in Barangay Tacadang, this appellation refers to the rock walls, mountain peaks, and cliffs that professional mountaineers and rock climbers find attractive and challenging. The following mountains are part of Kibungan’s Rock Wall of Beauties:
    • Mount Puso
    • Mount Tagpaya – 1,820 masl
    • Mount Oten – 1,980 masl
    • Mount Tagpew – 2,105 masl

    There are numerous trails that have been established in navigating through the mountainous and rocky topography of Kibungan. From all of these long-used paths, at least 2 mountaineering activities or courses emerged to become major tourist attractions of this mountaintop municipality: the Kibungan Circuit and the Kibungan Cross-Country Traverse or KXC. The former activity is a 2 to 3 days trek that involves climbing Mounts Tagpaya, Oten, and Tagpew. The latter, also called the Tri-Provincial Traverse, consists of the more challenging task of negotiating the rocky trail from Kibungan, Benguet, to Sugpon in Ilocos Sur, and finally to Santol in La Union. This tri-provincial trail passes through a number of mountains, gorges, cliffs, rivers, hanging bridges, highland villages, and waterfalls, and may take from 3 to 5 days. Interested mountain climbers and outdoor enthusiasts may get in touch with the LGU or Department of Tourism (DOT) authorities for details about these activities.

  • Amburayan River
  • Tanap River
  • Sukok River – a river located in Barangay Tacadang
  • Mayos River – a river located in Barangay Poblacion
  • Kibungan River
  • Colangi Waterfalls – located in Barangay Badeo
  • Lengsad Waterfalls – located in Barangay Poblacion
  • Culiang Waterfalls – located in Barangay Poblacion
  • Nasngi, Beey, Dodong, and Tubeng Hot Springs – located in Barangay Poblacion
  • Burial Rocks/Caves in different locations such as:
    • Lon-oy Burial Rocks – located in Barangay Tacadang
    • Lus-ok Burial Rocks – located in Barangay Tacadang
    • Genga-an Burial Cave – located in Barangay Madaymen
    • Deccan Burial Cave – located in Barangay Badeo
    • Lamma Burial Rock – located in Barangay Poblacion
    • Palina Burial Site – located in Barangay Palina
  • Lubo Lake – man-made lake that was originally an open pit used by Boneng Mines that closed years ago
  • Tabbak Tunnel – an exploration mine tunnel that was abandoned
  • Palina Airstrip – located in Barangay Palina. This was a plateau that was developed into a landing and take-off site by American missionaries for their biplanes.
  • Rice Terraces – located in Barangays Poblacion, Palina, and Tacadang. These are rice paddies carved into mountainsides where indigenous white and red rice varieties are cultivated.
  • Vegetable Terraces – located in Barangay Madaymen. These highland farms are where temperate vegetables like potatoes, cabbages, beans, and the like are grown. Other crops are squash, camote, sayote, and coffee.
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church – located in Barangay Poblacion


  • Adivay Festival – is a province-wide and month-long celebration held every November. The activities include a Grand CaƱao, search for the Mr. and Ms. Benguet, sports events, cultural presentations, rodeo, horseback riding competition, and agri-tourism fair, among others. As the name implies, the festival is a special event for the coming together of the 13 municipalities of Benguet to celebrate as one. Also meant as a thanksgiving for the official foundation of the province. Adivay Festival activities take place in the capital town of Benguet in La Trinidad.

Map of Kibungan

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